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23rd January 2005

evilclosetmunki3:38pm: EPISODE 2!!!
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21st January 2005

evilclosetmunki9:33pm: This community needs some ACTIVITY, DAMN IT!
So I bring you Episode 1 of Yuugi Ou: Duel Monsters GX in However Many Minutes.

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13th November 2004

neo_arkadia5:41pm: ... Er... apologies of not updating.
It would appear Episodes Five and Six are about to create a chain of bizarre events that might be considered GX's plot. That single duel seems to become a snowball effect...

For in later episodes:
-Shou and Judai have to duel due to the events of going to the hidden dorm. =x
-That duel results in Judai apparently attempting to learn the relationship between the Marufuji brothers. Which in turn ends up Shou and Judai somehow dueling the Meikyuu brothers... And then Jun and Daichi duel resulting potentially in Jun falling out of grace with the Blue Dorm.
- This duel then results in Jun vanishing, and the appearance of a DUELING monkey named SAL.

It would appear that GX has an underlying plot, but the writers are either making it up as they go, or they are being really careful about rushing ahead.

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20th October 2004

neo_arkadia7:19pm: Wendesday the First
For all of you who care, Saiyaman has Episode 3 up, though supposedly the downloads are being slow and problematic. And for those of you who don't know Episode 3[Title: Étoile* Cyber] is Asuka vs. Juudai.

And I would be rather glad to know if Jun's VWXYZ monstrosity pops up in the previews, as I am not really in the mood to download anything big. =/ A picture of it if it does appear would be nice too. ^_^;

* Étoile is french for Star.

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Credit for information goes to Janime's site, forums, and YGO Fanstuff Paradise.
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18th October 2004

neo_arkadia4:32pm: Maintainer commentary

Yes, another Yu-Gi-Oh! Community, yes, yes, I know. But this is one is different. It's not for Yu-gi-oh! in general, it's focused at the new anime released as a result of the Yu-gi-oh! Duel Monsters story finishing.

This community will attempt to focus on news related to the series Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Genex Series, which deals with the life of Yuuki, Juudai (Family Name: Yuuki, Personal name: Juudai) and the lives of his friends at the elite Duel Academy. Information on games based on this paticular series and any book adaptations will attempt to be reported.

And also, if anybody's posts vanish, blame the flying Kuriboh with wings.
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